Capture the good times

"Recap of 2015/2016 Season! Short cut through the best moments of last season!"

We decided to go somewhere new again despite the fish numbers would not be any big! Second trip of the season, two friends again, headwaters, gin clear river, bonfires and the most important thing: Place to ourselves only!

6 Days - Offroad, hikes, rain and wind, sun and sandflies, weather playing games with us but heaps of good time as usually! 

Dawn till Dusk Fly fishing & Travel Truly: VIEW YOUR SORENESS AS PROOF YOU WORKED HARD

For a section of river we had never fished before we were pleasantly surprised, the long hike in hot weather was well rewarded.

After irrecoverable loss of more then 80% of footage and the rest partly corrupted I was forced to make impossible possible and come up with at least a little wee edit from this season!

Short edit from my last solo adventure: Few browns, plenty of rainbows, sunshine and of course the WIND

Short edit of 2015 winter activities