Once again We decided to go for another trip! Matt has been fishing pretty much everyday day since the last time we saw each other, I haven't had a chance to escape this busy period at work for three long weeks. The weather looked promising for an over night trip to camp riverside and clear the mind!

After a couple of hours in a truck we arrived to a strong gale, we were forced to take shelter in a deep gorge. After getting battered and bruised we decided to face the elements, we were rewarded with several decent Browns willing to rise.

Day 2 saw the wind die and the sun come out for what was to be an epic day of rising Browns in gin clear water. In the 28 degree heat we both landed several healthy fish averaging 5-6lb all on dry/nymph droppers. For a section of river we had never fished before we were pleasantly surprised, the long hike in hot weather was well rewarded. Another special water chartered and one we will surely come back to visit by the end of the season, but for now it`s onto the next adventure!


Despite the previous couple of weeks rainy weather and rivers being totally flooded in Otago, we decided to head out and take advantage of the last weak of the season. We lined our days off and went for a 3 day road trip in search of fishable water. To our surprise not only did we find this but also were blessed with sunny skies, no wind and enough fish to keep us satisfied. We thought this was the last trip of the season but we might be able to fit one more in! 


Let me introduce you to Marek, the chap who loves fly fishing more then anything else! It`s my pleasure to have him over from Canada for a whole month! 

His need for adventure and desire to find the “Catch of his life” led him to New Zealand, Slovenia, Cuba, Mexico, and many other European countries but his dream of taming Steelhead always brings him back to BC, a place with wealth of beauty and of nature but most of all, fish!!! In 2014 he completed a Czech nymphing Masterclass course so he could better share his passion for fishing with others and help them tame the catch of their lives! So if you ever end up going that way don`t hesitate to hit him up! He is one of the Pemberton Fish Finder guides in BC, Canada.

Here is a little photo recap from trip #1 -Great weather, stunning fish and no one else around!


Generally throughout the season we would try to find a new adventure or go for a multi day trip into the backcountry, but for the very last day of the season we decided to take it easy and fish waters not far from home. The weather man predicted few showers and cold southerlies but we were welcomed to the river with pleasant weather with absolutely no wind the whole day through. Long story short, the decision to fish streamers paid off with quite a few fish being fooled and as usual we were just happy to be out there! The regular season is over and the winter is knocking on our doors, but that does not mean that we won`t be out again soon.


Perseverance in testing conditions reaped rewards for Jakub and Matt after they spent a few days down south exploring new waters. Wind, rain and glare all tried it's best to hamper spotting but slowing down and taking time to cover the water proved effective. Several nice fish came to the net, all whilst soaking in the surroundings and some special water that dreams are made of.