Summer Newsletter

Hold on a second..... Summer has not truly arrived yet and looking at the long term weather forecast, it does not seem to be coming anytime soon! Temperature hardly getting over 16 degrees celsius, rain, clouds and of course the always present wind from all directions. It`s been tough lately but in the end, it`s all about being out there enjoying yourself.

New places were explored over the past month, old rivers revisited , some fish caught, some fish lost, many just spooked but we also came across our first TROPHY brown trout! 

Scroll down and enjoy!

Christmas day was one of the warmer days so we decided to jump on our bikes and peddle to a local remote lake. Fish were very active as rising water temperature brought out swarms of damselflies and dragonflies.


Browns and rainbows smashing streamers all day as soon as they touch the water... I say YES! DORE`S MISTER GLISTER got chased a lot! But the best thing about this trip was that we explored absolutely new place to us, which ended up being a sweet surprise!


On our last trip we fished three rivers, two of those well known to us but some sections were still to be explored.. We came across quite a few fish but most of them were really spooky and gone before we had a chance to cast. This had been happening for hours and I was really close to calling it... We had a quick chat over a beer and decided to push it a bit more and give it another half an hour..... WHAT A GREAT DECISION THAT WAS! As we were walking upstream I spotted a fish sitting still in the head of a pool.... I quickly yelled at Chris to slow down and passed the fish onto him as he was in a better position on the opposite bank. First cast and the fish was hooked, he fought hard and tried to hide under the bank but Chris kept holding him tight  on a 4X tippet..... We knew it`s a big boy but had no idea how big....  In the end we could not quite fit him in the net but the scale dropped straight to 14 pounds which is the maximum range of it! Chris`s personal best brown trout and one that is not going to be easy to beat :-) WELL DONE BROTHER

Willow grubs...some people hate them but some people love them! Great fun on a little stream full of fish snacking hard on these little guys!